Metaverse, bridging the real and virtual world, why you should care?

Metaverse is bridging the gap between physical and digital worlds by creating an open, accessible virtual world using blockchain technology. It hopes to transform the way we live, work and interact by allowing us to create and share digital experiences.

At a time when the internet is a pivotal part of everyone’s life, it does not offer a complete or holistic solution for every need. While we enjoy a global network of information, we still lack a sense of unity or connectedness. When we look at our planet as a whole, it is broken into tiny fragments like countries, cities, towns, and communities.

Metaverse believes that blockchain is the key to unifying fragmented aspects of society by improving transparency and removing the agents. By using blockchain, users can create their own virtual worlds and improve society as a whole by sharing experiences and co-creating value with others.

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Metaverse is an ambitious project that aims to change how we interact with each other on many different levels. Anyone can benefit from Metaverse because anyone who has an internet connection will be able to access it from anywhere in the world.

In a way, Metaverse is building a digital universe that will enable people to realize their dreams and aspirations- both big and small, by allowing them to create anything they wish for using its three tools: Create, Connect, and Trade.

Metaverse will be the first public blockchain in the world to achieve full decentralization through the PoW+PoS consensus mechanism. While simultaneously maintaining high levels of speed and scalability, delivering on the three core Tenants- Openness, Trust, and Autonomy. This is achieved by having an open community ecosystem where everyone is welcome to participate, contribute and help grow Metaverse.

We believe that at its core, Metaverse touches people’s lives on a personal level by creating experiences they would remember and talk about.

Why should you care?

It’s like what we mentioned before, Metaverse is building the next generation internet, and if you care about the future of the internet, then it’s time to integrate yourself with this ecosystem.

Metaverse will support all major programming languages and most of the common blockchain developer tools. It’s a user-friendly system that is easy to understand and use by people with little to no knowledge of blockchain or development.

What this means is that anyone can jump on board, explore your imagination and start building your presence in the internet universe.

Another reason to care is that Metaverse is not trying to create a closed system that only rewards the rich and powerful like other blockchain projects; it’s an open-source project that welcomes everyone to participate.

Because of this approach, the success of Metaverse will be determined by how its community utilizes these tools. By creating valuable experiences, building trust with others, and showing the value of Metaverse to the world, we will build a decentralized system that can last for generations.

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